How To Recruit Millennials In Tech and Why it Matters

For the past decade Millennials have been known as a generation with high expectations and ridiculous demands. In a the age of technology Millennials have been adapting to new ways of working faster than their older counterparts are able to grasp. This generation has been deemed lazy, not driven, among other descriptors that aren’t justified.

Over the past five years Blake has been involved in numerous projects when it comes to understanding and marketing to Millennials. With over five years of experience in the field, Blake was invited to speak at the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas where he shared best practices for attracting and engaging Millennials and Generation Z, and more importantly – why it matters.

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Sara Von Dohren

Sara is a Junior Psychology Major at the University of San Francisco. She enjoys the San Francisco fog, yoga, good conversation, and all things Fall except pumpkin spice lattes. Find her on instagram at @_saraashley.