4 Foolproof Steps to Transform Any College Recruiting Program

Here’s an open secret that everyone knows. If you’re an HR Warrior that knows how to make a College Recruiting Machine Hum, you are indispensable. You are paid more. You are highly sought after, hugged more, and sleep better.

College recruiting can be tricky, but choosing to not hire fresh talent isn’t an option.

This post is a blueprint to help you make your team the college recruiting machine you were destined to be.

Step 1: Create a fair and fun work environment

Alright, boring companies of the world. I know what you’re thinking.

“We’re a boring company and we can’t possibly compete with Google on this.”

Stop it. Stop it right now. Telling your employer brand story isn’t about being the flashiest brand on the block. It’s about telling an accurate, concise story to the right audience.

If you try to bullshit millennials they will either:

A) See right through, or worse

B) Fall for it, discover the truth during orientation, and leave after you’ve poured a year of time and energy into training them.

Either outcome is very bad for your employer brand in the age of social media.

Instead capture some of the best essences of your workplace and showcase it.

Step 2: Showcase that story

Tell your story but NOT WITH TEXT.

Use mixed media (ie video, social media, etc) to show what it’s like to work at your company. Ultimately you are gong to get the types of students who see themselves reflected in the culture you are showcasing.

The biggest mistake you can make is pretending you’re something you’re not. You’ll end up with a bunch of short timers who come in, see what’s what and bounce. Tell your story and let the millennials make their decisions. You’ll get better apps and they’ll be from you students who like what you’re about. They’ll be stronger fits and they’ll stay longer.

This is a huge deal.

Step 3: Show them the opportunity

Ok, so you’ve told a great story about why you’re company is the best company for them. They’re hooked. They want to work for you. They apply. You hire them.

Everything is great.

And then all the best one’s start to leave in droves.

What. The. Hell. Just happened?

You didn’t show them you believe in them.

A good college recruiting program is built to sell Millennials twice.

First on your company. Then on their future at your company.

This is where most companies go astray. The best company’s create a road map for their grads and include things like:

  • Cross-functional exposure
  • Mentorship and exposure to leadership
  • Frequent feedback

And, by the way, there is a growing body of evidence that exposing entry-level hires to management provides significant benefits to both groups. If you don’t do this, you won’t lose all of your new recruits. But you will definitely lose the best ones.

Step 4: Use last year’s cohort to help you recruit

Once you’ve got a great class built and on the right track. Word of mouth (WOM) is everything. WOM is the #1 source for Millennials when it comes to trust and impact. WOM is not only great for generating apps but also for driving highly engaged (and pre-vetted) traffic to your career fair events.

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Ryan Prosser