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5 Companies We Love on Social

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single company in search of a recruiting strategy must implement an effective social media campaign. Why? Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than average lead conversion rates, for one. In a 2012 Jobvite survey 89% of respondents reported they had already hired someone via Linkedin, while 26% said they’d  hired someone through Facebook and 15% had  hired someone through Twitter. Finally, 27% of total U.S. Internet time is spent on social networking sites. Social media can be a highly effective tool for recruiting, when wielded correctly. So who’s doing it right? The following are the top 5 companies killing it on social:

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  1. LululemonLululemon is known for their avid crowd sourcing techniques, but the “CEO Wanted” banner that spanned their homepage last month took their social media strategy to a new level. Although this particular ploy was a joke, the company has been known to recruit via Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  2. Taco BellTaco Bell was the first major brand to get on Snapchat. They also have a Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to hiring, with photos from the “taco bell office olympics” to “recipes for success.”
  3. Nestle Purina. Nestle Purina uses their Facebook page to advertise open positions and interact with possible candidates.
  4. ePrize. The social media/marketing agency made a job offer via instagram to one of their applicants and an active follower of their instagram account. Luckily for them, she accepted!
  5. 42Floors. The real estate startup made a very public plea for a college Sophomore Dan Shipper to join their team. Although he hasn’t accepted (so far) we have to give CEO Jason Freedman credit for the innovative hiring tactic.


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Zoe Schiffer

Zoe is a Community and Content Manager at Looksharp. Graduating in 2014 from UC Berkeley and having done internships ranging from policy work at Congresswoman Pelosi's office to marketing at a tech startup, Zoe understands millennials and what they are looking for as they launch their career. Outside of work she loves running, yoga and exploring San Francisco.