6 Must-See Infographics for Student Hiring

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Challenges to student recruitment, the numbers behind converting interns to full-time employees, and how social media is changing the face of HR—the following infographics tell all, and tell it well.

The Student Employment Gap

What do other employers seek most when they hire students?  According to this infographic, the ideal candidate has had 2 internships throughout his or her college career and provides a resume strengthened by relevant coursework.  The single most desired skill (and also the hardest quality to find in a student)? Take a guess!

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The Math-Science Shortage

This infographic takes a cross-section of America’s STEM students and illustrates the rate at which they’re abandoning the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. While the number of STEM graduates drop, the number of jobs in the sector and average salary continues to rise–puzzling, no? Experts suspect that the strenuousness of the major is driving scholars away, making it harder to hire an engineering intern.

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The Job Search for the Class of 2012

This survey crunched the numbers from over 15,700 graduating seniors to present the metrics on paid and unpaid internships, job offers, and the student job search. We’re interested to see that intern compensation determines not only monetary pay-off, but the quality of work experience and the likelihood of converting to full-time as well.

via National Association of Colleges and Employers

The Social Job Seeker

It goes without saying that Gen Y is plugged in. With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at their fingertips, college students and new grads are leading the movement towards a social online job search. The sticking point? A surprising 28% of “super socials”—people over 150 contacts on one network—found their last job through social media.

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HR Must Embrace Social

Though many companies still ban the use of social networking sites on the job, smart businesses are beginning to dive into social media. Among its many benefits, morale, reputation, and communication top the list. Employers also use social networks to encourage innovation within the company and nurture a company’s mission and culture.

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Maximizing Millenials: The Who, How, and Why of Managing Gen Y

Millenials differ from previous generations in personal goals, social interactions, and career objectives—differences that are important to consider during the recruitment and training process. This infographic lays bare what makes this 80-million-strong subset of America tick, and how to best leverage their skills.

via Forbes

Knowledge is power! The key takeaways from these data-rich graphics are threefold: paid internships tend to be more competitive both in terms of attracting top applicants and keeping them in the company; companies can gain a serious foothold in the public eye through social media, not to mention raise the morale of current employees; and Gen Y job seekers call for different management styles—mention the unique benefits of your company when you post an internship.

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