Announcing New Bulk Messaging Feature!

Receiving lots of applications is a good thing—especially when you’re trying to hire. But 1,000 applications for 50 job openings is a daunting number of resumes to look over.

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The last thing you want to do when you’ve finally sifted through the stack of resumes is individually email each person you’re not hiring to tell them they’re well…not hired. Equally time consuming is emailing each potential hire to tell them they got an interview. This is why we’ve created a new bulk-messaging feature so you can quickly contact all applicants (or a selected number of applicants) at once. When you click “bulk action” under applications you now have the option of sending a reply to everyone who has applied, or selecting groups of applicants for different emails. Don’t ruin your brand’s reputation by making students wait to hear back from you!

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Zoe Schiffer

Zoe is a Community and Content Manager at Looksharp. Graduating in 2014 from UC Berkeley and having done internships ranging from policy work at Congresswoman Pelosi's office to marketing at a tech startup, Zoe understands millennials and what they are looking for as they launch their career. Outside of work she loves running, yoga and exploring San Francisco.