You Asked, We Answered: Announcing Incredible New Tools to Manage and Filter Your Apps

As your Community Manager at InternMatch, I’m always listening. Our team loves it when I bring them your feedback about our products, especially when it calls for us to make some improvements. And we have heard you loud and clear: you want applicants out of your email inbox and some new tools to manage your entire recruitment process. From applicant to hire. Well, we never let great feedback go to waste and the new tools we’re rolling out today do just that and more!

Their easy-to-use features are ideal for startups, small businesses, and non-profits who want to cut through the noise and quickly access the most qualified applicants for positions. While we aren’t offering all of the bells ‘n whistles (like on-boarding support for candidates) of a larger (and expensive) Applicant Track System, these new features are sure to make your email inbox a lot lighter and your recruitment process much more efficient.

Here’s what you can do:

Access all of the information you care about: front and center 

Advanced Filters 3

In the past this information was located on the right-side bar of  the dashboard, but now we’ve moved it to the top of the page. Use the advanced filters option to dig deeper into the data for your roles. Berkeley vs. Stanford? Which Bay Area school yields more engineering students for your Developer Internship? The advanced filters setting is a great way to measure not only the performance of your roles, but it can also provide greater insight into your company’s reach across different student segments, programs, majors, and regions.

Track applicants throughout their entire recruitment cycle 

filed for later

This new status tool offers 5 easy ways to monitor and filter through the status of each applicant

  • New indicates the latest applicants who have applied to your various roles
  • Filed for later gives you the option archive applicants,which allows you to build a pipeline of candidates for future hiring needs
  • Active indicates the status of each applicant as they move through the next phase of the hiring process (review, interview, reference checks, offer sent)
  • Hired offers details on the specific role the candidate was chosen for such as intern, full-time, contractor, etc..
  • Not Hired allows you to choose a reason the candidate was not extended an offer

We’ve created these simple tools based on your feedback and to provide you with an easy way to maneuver the hiring process. We also realized that companies, both large an small, benefit from using an ATS that will keep their hiring process organized — as well as one that will offer a broader picture into your company’s hiring patters.

Get started using these new tools by logging in to your InternMatch account or signing up for a new one today.

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Nathan Parcells

Nathan Parcells is VP of Marketing and co-founder of Looksharp. He has spent the past decade helping students launch their career, researching best practices for hiring millennials (including running Looksharp's annual "State of College Hiring") and sharing these insights with employers. Nathan's work has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Business Insider and more. Outside of work, Nathan is an avid rock climber, back packer and Bob Dylan fan.