How Much Should I Pay My Entry-Level Hire?

Entry Level Salaries

For any business, making the decision to take on an entry-level hire is a big one. Part of that decision is deciding how much the salary of this position would be, so we’ve created a quick-reference guide to give a general idea of what the going rate for an entry-level job is. How much you should pay an entry-level position will have a lot of variables, but we did a nationwide average based on common industries and sectors to show you what entry-level positions across the country get paid.

Nonprofits, by definition, don’t have a lot of cash to throw around to pay their employees. But despite the lower pay, employees are often happy to make the sacrifice for a number of reasons, but most obviously because the work that they do is a reward in and of itself. As a nonprofit, getting an entry-level hire won’t be hard if you can prove that their work will make a difference.

And while many students sometimes find themselves torn between a startup and a large company, the data shows that entry-level hires won’t sacrifice too much, if any, of their pay to work in the cozier atmosphere of your average startup.

But even if you offer the highest salary an entry-level job has the right to earn, that alone will not attract top entry-level hires. Make sure you understand the millennials and what they are actually looking for in an entry-level job, as they will be the most likely candidates for your position. You also need write a great job posting. Without that, your potential candidates won’t even look past the job description to see what salary you’re offering.

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