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How to Hire Social Media Interns, Expert Advice from Thomas Knoll, Nando Rodriguez, and Nestlé Purina!

flickr and facebookLast week we had the pleasure of hosting one of the most unique and interesting panels on intern hiring in a long while.  The topic examined “How to Hire Social Media Interns,” covering everything from how to review and evaluate a student’s social media skills to how to connect and engage with potential candidates on mediums ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn.

Ashley Mosley, InternMatch’s Community Manager, was joined by intern hiring experts at Nestlé Purina, Amanda Pirtle and Emily Fesler, social media hiring expert from the ad agency Ogilvy + Mather, Nando Rodriguez, and former head of community at Zappos, Thomas Knoll.

While some larger company’s require students to still submit resumes, our panel agreed that finding the best social media talent, requires having clear goals for your interns, a thoughtful strategy to engage students, and most of all a willingness to lead by example when meeting students online.  Enjoy the 40 minute plus section below, which is chock full of fantastic advice for anyone hiring social media interns:

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For more info read our guide on how to hire social media interns and see our social media internship job template.

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