Love Letters From Interns

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It’s Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time to soak up the love…from your interns! Students are taking to the Twittersphere to broadcast their true feelings for their employers (and we’re sure the feeling’s mutual). What interns are Tweeting makes it clear that social media has the power to mold a company’s reputation, and does–each following recognizes which brands treat their interns well, what perks come with the job, and how fulfilling the internship is.


In many cases, students name the tasks that add value to their internships, demonstrating in a few pithy lines how their responsibilities align with their career goals. Whether it be in PR, fashion, health, or marketing, these interns have found fitting roles:


In other cases, students mention the names of their employers in the Tweet. Your community manager should be on the ball about Retweeting these little love notes–your followers will remember them when you next post an internship! Encourage your interns to share Instagram photos of daily life in the office as well, as these drive more engagement on Twitter.


When it comes down to it, effective management of interns pays off in your interns’ enthusiasm for their roles and the good word they put in with their social networks. Do you keep up with your interns on Twitter? Tell us in the comments below!

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