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Preparing Students for the Real World: A Glimpse into Course Hero’s Internship Program

Course Hero is an online learning platform with one mission: to empower students and help them learn and succeed more effectively.  On our site, we do this by curating the best content we can find, from study notes to practice tests, developing easy-to-use educational tools, such as digital flashcards and building a catalogue of tutoring experts, both online and in-person, who are available to students 24/7.

Our mission, however, extends beyond the site and our customers to include Course Hero’s employees and interns.  With that in mind, we knew that it was crucial to develop a strong internship program, one that would set our interns up for real world success once they graduated college.

Interns are an integral part of the Course Hero ecosystem.  They provide us with insight into the needs of students today, and are also a source of high-quality study documents.  In return, we ensure that they leave our eight-week program with the skills necessary to excel both in college, and in the professional world (in addition to a paycheck and letter of recommendation!).

Our internship program is structured such that interns have weekly goals they need to accomplish, in addition to weekly check-in calls with their managers to discuss progress and concerns.  Since we work with interns on college campuses across the country – ours is a remote internship program – establishing processes and maintaining constant communication is key.

All Course Hero interns also have the opportunity to participate in our Professional Development Program (PDP), which consists of a series of workshops that teaches them the fundamentals of business development, marketing and networking, to name a few skills.  The PDP also includes one-on-one mentoring with a member of the Course Hero team, the specifics of which are tailored to their weaknesses, strengths, and career aspirations.  Our interns have left the program and gone on to do great things, but don’t take it from us – here’s what a few of them had to say:

Alexander Fertig, Utah State University: “I am so grateful for the experience I have gained working as a Course Hero representative. My numerous interactions with peers, professors, and other educators have equipped me with the social skills necessary to further my career. I have recently been brought on as a Billing Manager for a company that has been ranked #2 in the Top 10 Utah Companies and #4 in the Top 10 Real Estate Companies nationwide. My ability to effectively communicate with my team and take initiative as a leader has proven to be invaluable in my quest for success and greatness. I think of my time with Course Hero as a fundamental stepping-stone towards my desired goals. I also believe that as I continue to work and learn within this movement, even greater opportunities will present themselves. Course Hero has taught me that learning is a crucial piece of every productive day, and that success is what you make it to be.”

Colleen Hawk, Texas Tech University: “I graduated in May, and now I am working full-time for Fidelity Investments as an Inside Sales Representative. All my hard work and goals achieved and exceeded in Course Hero definitely helped me get to where I am now. It gave me a lot of experience and taught me a lot that I was able to portray to my employers during the interview process. I am so grateful for what I learned and accomplished during my time with Course Hero.”

Kristin Rayburn, Boston College: “My time with the Knowledge Drive ended with the beginning of summer and the onset of my internship with UBS Financial Services. Interning with Course Hero taught me a lot about time management and responsibility, and the interpersonal skills that I developed through the internship helped me to become both a better intern and a better person. I am always thankful for the opportunity that I had to work with my mentor during my internship with Course Hero. She instilled in me a desire to stay on top of things and a need to keep organized, and I am continually reminded of her while I tackle difficult tasks at the office or juggle multiple projects at once.”

As an employer, we appreciate our interns and understand the importance of making them feel valued.  Gone are the days filled with the menial tasks of making copies and fetching coffee – interns are increasingly given greater responsibility in the workplace and as a result, they should be treated as respected members of the larger team.  We commend InternMatch for establishing the Intern Bill of Rights – a set of guidelines that we can proudly say we adhere to strictly.

To the prospective interns reading this, we’ll leave you with one piece of advice: make sure that the company you decide to work for is able to provide you with a structured and well-thought-out internship program, one in which you not only gain real-world experience, but also establish relationships with people who can help guide you as your build a career.

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John Stacey

This is a guest post by John Stacey III, Director of Campus Operations at Course Hero. Stacey joined the Course Hero team in 2010 and was integral in developing the company’s internship program, as well as the Knowledge Drive.