State of the Intern 2014

SOI ReportEarlier this year we conducted the largest internship survey ever with over 9,000 student respondents from universities around the US.

We set out to explore key issues, from the trend of students moving away from career fairs to how unpaid internships impact men and women differently. The results are fascinating. For students we were able to identify some of the key differences between students who receive internships and job offers and those who don’t. For employers we identified the big student trends that impact hiring and conversion rates.

With internship season approaching we wanted to share our findings as well as our full 2014 State of the Internship Report.

  • Students want to be a big fish in a small(ish) pond. Their #1 choice of company size is midsize companies between 50 and 250 employees (42.2% of students selected this as their top choice). Students want to work at companies that have enough traction to have established internship programs, but not so large that they are just another fish in the sea.
  • They’re Down to Get Social With It. About 2/3 of students use social media in their job search, and 83.4% maintain online career profiles. With a host of options, LinkedIn and LookSharp are the platforms of choice.
  • If At First They Don’t Succeed… Among the 41.5% of respondents who have not yet had an internship, 71.5% have searched for opportunities. These students leveraged five to seven different tools and resources in their search, everything from career websites to university career centers.
  • They Have Full-Time Flexibility. 76.4% of seniors said they were willing to move to other cities to land full-time employment.
  • Mentorship is Key. Students ranked access to executives and mentorship above work-life balance, compensation, and prestige in their list of important internship attributes.


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Zoe Schiffer

Zoe is a Community and Content Manager at Looksharp. Graduating in 2014 from UC Berkeley and having done internships ranging from policy work at Congresswoman Pelosi's office to marketing at a tech startup, Zoe understands millennials and what they are looking for as they launch their career. Outside of work she loves running, yoga and exploring San Francisco.