The Summer Internship Report Is In

We crunched all the numbers, ran all the tests and finally the InternMatch Summer Internship Report is here. We did all that and what did we find? The face of the internship is changing.

Everyone knows that summer is the biggest season in the internship game, but not everyone knows the specifics. Here’s the Rundown:

– More interns sunk their teeth into marketing than any other discipline. Millenials and online marketing is a match made in eHeaven.

– Interns want more attention and fewer snacks. Turns out they aren’t showing up to work for the opportunities that the office refrigerator has to offer. They want a mentor.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me – could be the future mantra of interns. Nearly 40% of interns wish they had been better compensated.

– Lives changed in Summer 2013. Career paths were altered because of both good and bad internship experiences.

– They are coming back. Next summer and into the future, job offers and internship extensions are signs of a well run internship program. Basically, if your interns want to stay, keep up the good work. To read the full report, click the button below.



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Nathan Parcells

Nathan Parcells is VP of Marketing and co-founder of Looksharp. He has spent the past decade helping students launch their career, researching best practices for hiring millennials (including running Looksharp's annual "State of College Hiring") and sharing these insights with employers. Nathan's work has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Business Insider and more. Outside of work, Nathan is an avid rock climber, back packer and Bob Dylan fan.