Watching The Internship Evolve Through Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Mar. 30, 2015

Internships have come a long way since their birth in the 11th century. Interns may no longer participate in the back-breaking labor required of apprentices from centuries ago, but the internship has transformed into an increasingly valuable asset for providing students with the experience and skills for success in their chosen career field. Have you reaped the many benefits of an internship yet?

The highly positive professional experiences provided by internships has become necessary to getting hired in today’s competitive job market. In fact, 66 percent of employers think relevant work experience is the most important factor in their hiring decisions.

It’s hard to believe we’ve come from mastering a trade through years of apprenticing, to landing virtual internships through video interviews. Take a look at the internship’s arduous transformation documented in our infographic below. Here are some key points to note:

  • 37% of students say internships are a good job search resource

  • 81% of employers find they have better experiences with new hires that have intern experience

  • 33% of employers hire virtual interns, a 20% increase from 2011 to 2012

  • The average wage rate for interns at bachelor’s level is $16.21

Check out the full infographic below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

What do you think? What does the future of the internship look like?



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