[webinar] The Ingredients You Need for a Fully Baked Succession Hiring Plan

Join us! There are still a few spots left in our upcoming webinar on the ingredients you need for a fully baked succession-hiring plan.


Why does this matter for you? Over 10,000 baby boomers retire every day. In just 5 years, the Millennial generation will make up 46% of the workforce.

In their 2015 Report on Managing Succession with Software, Deloitte found that

“Gaps in leadership are cited by 89 percent of executives as an urgent impediment to achieving their goals of building a workforce to meet future business objectives.”

If you want to build a world-class company, you need a strong succession plan in place today. During this webinar, we’ll show you how! We’ll be covering:

  • Data and statistics on succession planning
  • Collaboration and how to get your team involved
  • Organizational change and Millennial views on leadership
  • Building your brand to attract and hire the best talent
  • Hiring trends and practices for 2015 and beyond

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Zoe Schiffer

Zoe is a Community and Content Manager at Looksharp. Graduating in 2014 from UC Berkeley and having done internships ranging from policy work at Congresswoman Pelosi's office to marketing at a tech startup, Zoe understands millennials and what they are looking for as they launch their career. Outside of work she loves running, yoga and exploring San Francisco.