What to Look for in a College Student’s Resume

Reviewing resumes from college students can often times be challenging as you are not evaluating them on core skill sets and relevant experience. You are evaluating them on their potential and their ability to demonstrate on their resume what they are capable of through achievement in their coursework, extracurricular activities and past work/volunteer experiences. From our experiences, these can all be strong predictors of future behavior and the types of projects you will be able to assign them.

Below is a list of the top 5 transferable skills that are crucial in any internship and how to seek out these skills on a college student’s resume.


  • Work in teams on class projects/case studies
  • Participation in internship/co-op group projects (collaborating with other departments to deliver on a project)
  • Engaging in extracurricular activities (working with other students and college administrators on meeting goals/objectives)


  • Working as a Teacher’s Assistant
  • Serving as a Group/Project Leader
  • Leadership roles in student groups/organizations
  • Participating in a study abroad program
  • Learning a new language/skill
  • Taking a course not part of the curriculum (marketing major taking a finance course)
  • Launching a new initiative on campus or in the community

Communication (Written/Verbal/Oral)

  • Public speaking opportunities on-campus, volunteer/community service
  • Coursework (presentation opportunities during group projects)
  • Resume and cover Letter (formatting, content, delivery, etc)
  • After school job in retail and the hospitality industry (typically these roles have a strong focus on customer service)

Problem Solving/Critical Thinking/Analytical

  • Demonstrated through work in research projects/group projects
  • Project work in internship/co-op experiences and part time jobs
  • Volunteer opportunities for a local or community service activity/non-profit

Adaptability (flexibility/organizational/managing multiple priorities)

  • Solid GPA while balancing extra curricular activities/jobs/athletics
  • Meaningful academic coursework
  • Participating in internships/job shadows in an area outside of academic coursework (English major doing an internship in an operations role)
  • Attention to detail on the resume

Stay tuned for our next article on interviewing college students!


Published by BYLT Consulting

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