10 Cool Things to Do in the First Week of a New Grad Hire

Hiring a recent graduate is not like hiring somebody who has been working for decades. Coming out of college, these workers are as eager as they are uncertain. The first week is crucial in shaping how they think of their job. To make them feel more at ease (and to increase their chances of staying longer than it takes to train them), do a couple of these things to welcome your new hire their first week on the job.

Sit down one on one
Have the new hire’s direct supervisor personally welcome them to the company. This meeting is a great way to get new employees started and should be all about getting to know them. Talk about college and what their favorite part was. Find out why they accepted the job. Ask what their favorite color is.

Give a card
Have everybody who will be working with your new hire sign a greeting card to welcome them to the company. Nothing says “We’re looking forward to working with you!” like a greeting card that says “We’re looking forward to working with you!”

Have a staff meeting
I know, this isn’t particularly cool or groundbreaking, but it is essential. If you don’t have regularly-scheduled staff meetings or have already had this week’s, convene a new one to introduce the new hire. It’s an official sign that your new grad is part of the team (Hint: This would be a good time to present them with that signed card).

Assign a work buddy
Your new hire is going to need some guidance, so have the friendliest face in their department check up on them, take them to lunch the first day, ask them how they’re fitting in, and make them feel at home.

Give a tour of the office
Show your newest member around. Thanks to that staff meeting, everybody knows who the new hire is, but now it’s time for them to know everybody else.

Have a desk-decorating ceremony
This is a person right out of college. It is unlikely that they’ve ever had their own desk before, and even if they did, it was a temporary spot. Make having a desk feel like the right of passage that it is. Give them a nameplate or help them hang that college diploma they worked so hard to earn.

Organize a tournament
Whether it’s mini-golf or Call of Duty, friendly competition encourages fun times together. Forging friendships with co-workers is a great way to keep entry-level employees from leaving too early in the game.

Offer up a challenge
This is good for both new and old employees, because it brings everybody together. Not to mention it puts your newest members on a level playing field with the old-timers. Send everybody home with a fun challenge, whether it’s to find the funniest family photograph they own or to bake the best brownies. Assign judges and declare winners. Post the results by the watercooler.

Go out on the town
A tour of the area is always a good idea. Show your new hire the best spots in the city. This is especially helpful for recent graduates who had to travel for the job in your company, and it’s still a fun time for a native. Who knows? They could show you a thing or two.

Check in at the end of the week
Stop by your newest member’s newly decorated desk at the end of the week and ask how they’re fitting in thus far. It shows you haven’t forgotten about them. Of course, how could you after that amazing round in Call of Duty?


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Liz LeCrone