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2013 State of the Internship Infographic

Internships have undergone a major transformation in the past decade. In prior years, students often took fewer internships late in their college career, but times are changing. If you’re not tuned into the internship environment, you’re likely to miss out on a slew of worthy intern candidates.

Students and recent graduates aren’t just taking on more internships than ever before, they’re also finding new ways to connect with employers to land their positions. Your current recruiting and hiring methods may not be as effective as they were.

A 360-degree view of the internship will give you insight into what students and recent graduates are really up to. The following infographic showcases some important trends regarding the current state of the internship. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to intern recruiting and hiring:

  • 24.9% of college students completed their first internship during their sophomore year

  • 7% of students completed five internships

  • 60.8% of students used their personal network to land their internship

  • 59.3% of students are open to the idea of virtual internships

Check out the full infographic and download the State of the Internship Report below!



What do you think? Are you currently accommodating these internship trends?

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