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Announcing InternMatch’s First Ever Hangout on Diversity and Inclusion

diversity_hangoutWe are excited to announce that on Febraury 20th InternMatch is launching our first ever Internship Hangout on Diversity and Inclusion with speakers from Facebook, Viacom/MTV, Geico and Saks 5th Avenue.  In addition, students from three of the leading organizations for students of color will be attending: SMASH, the College Success Foundation and Rainier Scholars.

The goal of the event is to shed light on one of the most important topics for students and employers—how leading companies are working to create diverse and inclusive companies and intern programs that reflect the true makeup of the world.

We are excited to have companies who are leaders in very different industries (business, technology, entertainment, and retail) with each industry facing unique challenges in creating a diverse work environment.  For example the technology sector faces steep challenges that start even before the high school level.  The Level Playing Field reports that African-American and Latino students combined represented only 15% of all AP test takers in Physics and Calculus.

Our company speakers will be acting as a panel and sharing not only their unique initiatives to help take action to increase diversity and inclusion in their respective companies and fields, but also responding to questions from our student speakers and student audience.

If you are interested in learning more about the intersections of diversity and intern programs we’d love to have you attend our event.  You can join easily by adding InternMatch to your Google+ circle and RSVPing for the event on the 20th at 11 am PST.  Or if you cannot attend the event it will be recorded—sign up using the form below and we will send you an edited version if the event.


Excited to Announce a Post Hangout Virtual Networking Session for Students and Employers!

InternMatch and BrazenCareerist are teaming up to host a virtual networking session after this Hangout! It will take place at 12 pm PST on February 20th and will enable you to meet the speakers, other students and more.  Participating is easy, take five seconds to register here.  Move fast as there are just 200 spaces open!

Diversity Hangout Video Request

Sign up and we will send you a recording of our upcoming diversity and inclusion hangout.
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