From Gay Pride to A Culture of Openness: Why Facebook is a Leader in College Hiring and Diversity

I always enjoy talking to the hiring team at Facebook.  Not only are they always pushing the frontiers on best practices for engaging, hiring and retaining smart students, but they are also uniquely open and transparent about the work they are doing to help drive their college hiring goals forward.  This is particularly true in the topic of diversity and inclusion, which is an issue that continues to be of utmost importance to most companies trying to build teams and products that fit the increasingly connected and global consumer community.

Last week, I had the exceptional opportunity to sit down with two members of the University Recruiting team at Facebook, Denise Hernandez and Caity Hipskind, and talk to them about how Facebook views diversity both within the larger tech industry and as it pertains to Facebook’s intern hiring program.

The call started 15 minutes late, but for good reason.  Caity informed me that their team was doing an impromptu event in support of Gay Pride for their Dublin office.  When we did jump onto our call, the conversation was incredibly informative as Denise and Caity shared in-depth details about the events they attend to support women and minorities in tech (like the Grace Hopper Conference) and how they have built an internal culture that ensures minority students are comfortable in their office and always have someone to speak to about their experience at Facebook.  If you are interested in how one of the most innovative companies in the world addresses diversity and inclusion at the college level, enjoy the video below!


What diversity challenges does your industry face and what work are you doing to help overcome them?

Interested in how to build more diversity into your college program?  See our blog on the topic.  Also, see these videos from HR execs at Viacom and Geico to learn more about thief diversity initiatives.





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Nathan Parcells

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