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Receive Course Credit for Interning

By Descygna Webb,

While in college, the one thing every student needs more of is time. Between doing homework, going to work and making it to class on time, there is little time for anything else. Most students do plan to find a job in their major field of study once they graduate, so it is also important to find an internship for some work experience. Employers often want students to have experience, so any internship that can be worked is a plus. Many colleges offer a co-op program, which will even allow you to receive college credit for working an internship. This type of program can maximize the time you have by combining a work experience with earning college credit.

The details of this type of program vary heavily from school to school, but most colleges will allow you to receive credit hours that will go towards your graduating credits for internships worked that are related to your degree. It’s important to note that basic clerical jobs typically do not qualify. However, working internships directly in your field of study and completing the tasks of regular employees is a great way to add experience to your resume and get you closer to graduating.

In order to find out how many credit hours you can get for your internship you would need to contact an academic advisor. They can help you find an internship that qualifies for credit, and inform you of what has to be done in order to receive credit. In many cases you would still have to pay per credit hour for the number of hours that is decided to be transferable for the internship. Many internships are unpaid, so this may be an expense that you have to roll into your tuition budget.

Since the credit hours will go towards graduation, you might consider that the fees would have to be paid anyway. Receiving course credit for working internships is a great way to get hands on experience that you really can’t get in the classroom. It also allows you the advantage of graduating from college with the experience of having worked in your field.

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