How to Hire An International Student

How to Hire an International Student 1As we round the corner into the new year and gear up for spring and summer internships, employers facing stacks of applications might find international students who stand out from the crowd. Our customer service reps often field questions from internship seekers abroad looking to work in the States; we always say that the right employer or sponsor will make that possible. Companies scouting for top talent don’t have to balk at the paperwork, either: our recent guide How to Hire An International Student lays out the entire process!

This resource outlines who the student must contact and what forms need to be filled out before the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa may be granted by the U.S. Embassy. The names may sound nasty–Form DS-2019 and Form DS-7002–but they’re relatively painless in the hands of a CIEE representative. The process, in fact, better prepares both student and employer for the internship because it requires that both parties set goals and parameters for the experience.

Ready? Head to How to Hire An International Student to find out what your roles are in bringing a great intern overseas.

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