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The War for High School Talent


According to a study by McKinsey & Co., the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years won’t be money or time, it will be talent. Why By 2020 experts estimate that there will be up to an 18 million worker shortage in the world’s richest economies. Advanced countries will have too few college-educated workers and too many workers with secondary degrees. Technological advancements are replacing many low-skilled workers and increasing the need to hire high-level employees. To combat this shortage companies are beginning to hire months (or even years!) in advance.

In our 2013 State of the Internship report we found that 37.7% of large companies start recruiting over a year in advance. Companies are also beginning to implement high school intern and ambassador programs to recruit talent as early as possible. The following companies are on the forefront of the War for Talent with high school and even k-12 programs designed to get top employees:

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Companies that win in the War for Talent will be those that create a brand around their recruitment program. They will hire early, and treat the hiring process as a full-time job rather than something that is taken up only when the need for talent reaches a critical state.

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