How to Write Great Entry-Level Job Listings

Like internship listings, entry-level job descriptions should be exciting and concise, a way to sell your company and the position while still standing out from other likeminded employers.

“But why should I have to sell my company?” you ask, “shouldn’t job seekers be the ones doing the marketing?” Yes and no. Generally speaking, recent grads are eager to show off their talents and abilities, but after looking through 90+ pages of job listings all positions will begin to sound the same. Crafting a unique job description to represent your company’s voice will not only increase applications, it will ensure that high quality candidates apply for more than just the starting salary.

Step 1: Sell Company. This includes selling the company culture, accomplishments, why you’re special and what you’ve done. Highlight what makes you different from other companies in the same field.

Step 2: Sell Position. What will the candidate learn? What does the position entail? Details of the role will increase interest and allow applicants to assess whether or not their qualifications line up with the requirements of the position.

Step 3: Describe the Role. Here things get more specific. How long will the new hire be working? How much will they be paid? And more importantly, how can you convey this in the same tone and voice you used in your earlier sell? Don’t be afraid to provide details. Recent grads have probably never experienced a full-time salaried position, giving a range of possible starting salaries will be a key feature to drive excitement and interest.

Once you have your listing, post it on InternMatch to start filling those entry-level positions!

Sample Entry-Level Job Listing:

Human Resources Supervisor

A company’s most crucial element is its human resources. With employee talent, passion, and commitment driving the success of a business, it’s no wonder why human resources are essential to Meriot International, industry leader in hospitality and lodging.

Come work with an expansive brand that includes 3,700 diverse properties in 74 countries and territories worldwide. As an HR intern, you’ll facilitate the recruitment and acquisition of new hires, and help maintain the excellent work environment at Meriot for current employees.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Communicating and executing key administrative tasks including processing new hires, salary increases, status changes and terminations, office transitions, and more.
  • Act as primary point of contact for HR department for hourly employees.
  • Assist in planning and executing reductions in force as necessary.
  • Provide counseling and resource assistance in the areas of policy, benefits, salary administration, training/development, performance issues.
  • Monitor and coordinate all local/state governmental and regulatory compliance activities.
  • Maintain accurate and complete employee files and other HR related information for hourly employees.
  • Represents Company in Unemployment Compensation Hearings as needed.
  • Manages the transfer of employees between departments in conjunction with the Job posting procedure.
  • Plan and coordinate department’s activities to support SQDC targets, and meet and/or exceed client and/or customers expectations.
  • Actively participate on assigned teams and/or projects.

Our ideal qualifications in an HR Supervisor are:

  • A degree in Human Resources, Business, or a related field
  • Excellent interpersonal, research, and time management skills
  • Grace under pressure and good judgment in sensitive situations
  • Mastery of Microsoft Office.

Cultural Requirements

Organized: You come in on time and deliver projects before the deadline.  You are able to prioritize and manage a myriad of tasks at once.

Team-Oriented: You’re willing to help out on projects that drive the company forward regardless of whether they are your responsibility or not.

Entrepreneurial: You are able to wear many hats and thrive in scenarios where you are given big goals and lots of independence.

Passionate: You are dedicated to the hospitality industry.  You read industry blogs and follow industry Twitter accounts.  You want to make a difference.

Job Details:

Work Location: San Francisco

Salary: Highly Competitive

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Date Posted: March 12, 2013

*Note that although this listing is similar to the Sample Internship Listing, we have expanded the “responsibilities” section to include more detailed information on the job description, as well as a modified “qualifications” section to reflect a higher-level position as well as the more in-depth cultural requirements section.  The cultural requirements piece is not mandatory for all positions, but can reflect the importance your company places on fit for full-time roles.

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