InternMatch Helps CBS Interactive Find a Home for Their Internship Program


2cbsinteractive.jpgSince 1927, CBS has entertained generations of Americans. From I Love Lucy and the Cosby Show to Superbowl Sunday and the Grammy Awards, CBS has cemented its place as the premier destination for home entertainment.

With more than 200 million Internet users in the US, it was no surprise when America’s favorite primetime network expanded their portfolio to launch CBS Interactive – an online playground for gaming, music, sports and technology enthusiasts.

The launch of this new division meant a new college internship program and a new opportunity to re-evaluate old recruitment tactics. Their newly launched internship program was hip, cool, and located in more than a dozen offices through out the country. And most importantly, unlike other media companies, they offered students paid internships.

But despite their cool factor, CBS Interactive suffered from a challenge experienced by many brands: distinguishing themselves from their parent company, as well as other portfolio companies.

In the past CBS Interactive relied on traditional methods like on-campus recruitment fairs and internships postings on their career site to spread the word about their internship program. However, it turned out that conventional methods were not enough. Their small team needed new tools to set themselves apart:

Read our case study to find how our Campus Hub product helped CBS Interactive:

  • Integrate their offline and online recruitment efforts
  • Amplify their brand’s message
  • Develop easy-to-use tools to update content and interact with students
  • Reach thousands of applicants and make hires

With a rewarding  internship program and our easy-to-use tools, CBS Interactive quickly became a premier destination for students looking for an awesome internship.

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Nathan Parcells

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