Winner Announcement: The Best Employer #Interntip!

Intern Tip WinnerThe end of the year always means a flurry of internship applications and, with that, a flood of questions from students hoping to gain an edge on the competition. Last month, we asked employers to draw from their collective wisdom and come up with their best internship application tips. The contest winner would be awarded a free InternMatch Campus Hub with five non-expiring internship listings—or $600 to spend on their recruiting efforts!

We weren’t disappointed—the tips you provided spanned all stages of the internship application process from writing a cover letter to interviewing memorably to following up. The overarching theme of the advice? Be genuine. Read our favorite thirteen internship tips compiled in our student blog post.

And the Winner Is…

We would like to congratulate Anna Lewis of Viget
 for this gem:

I often hear “I’m the perfect match for your internship.” Really? How do you know? It takes time for everyone to figure that out. Few internships will truly speak to your skills/goals/passions, but they’re out there. Connect with companies early so you have the time to learn if it’s truly “the perfect match.” Be curious, get to know the people behind the company, and be more selective than anyone else in the process.

She raises a great point here. Applicants often make surface judgments about a company and send resumes to organizations that may not speak to their interests or strengths. At InternMatch, we believe that the right environment is crucial for a student’s professional development, and that enthusiasm is the best motivation for learning. Although finding the “perfect match” may be time-consuming, it ultimately leads to a more fulfilling internship experience. Thanks for bringing that to light, Anna!

As our runner-up, Viacom (@viacominterns
) chimes in with this short and sweet tip:

A positive attitude can go a long way…just remember, skills can be taught, but an attitude can’t!

This adage is easy to remember and speaks volumes to how a positive approach can make the difference between a good end product and a terrific one.

If you participated, thank you for sharing valuable information with our students; it makes a difference. If you didn’t, it’s not too late to give us your take in the comments!

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